May 27, 2021

Global Resilience Summit

On Thursday, May 27 (Day 4), watch an interview with Director/Co-Writer, Susan Gray and Senior Producer/Writer, Bonnie Waltch about the making of Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops at the 2nd Annual, free Global Resilience Summit 

And watch interviews with scientists from Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops, including Mike Coe, Kerry Emanuel, Jennifer Francis, and George Woodwell, and other climate scientists and activists, as they discuss climate change and climate resilience.

Pre-recorded videos will be available beginning at 7:00 a.m. for 48 hours

Heart Mind Institute has created a free, six-day, online Summit to help all of us deepen and sustain our individual and collective resilience so that we can meet the immense challenges we face with wisdom, compassion and skillful means. Our individual and collective wellbeing is at great risk in these perilous times. It has become quite clear that Resilience is No Longer a Luxury.

Resilience is a long-term issue for the future of humanity on this earth. In this Summit, we will explore strategies for increasing individual, relational, collective, cultural, social and systemic resilience. We will also explore the relationship between trauma and resilience, as well as the relationship between social, economic and racial justice, human rights and societal resilience. Finally, we will be guided in listening to and healing our relationship with the earth by indigenous leaders and environmentalists.