October 6, 2022 / 7-8pm

The Climate Is Your Legacy: How You Can Shape it. Learn from experts and activists how you can take action to shape your climate legacy.

Join the Climate Reality Project Boston Metro Chapter and 350 Mass for a virtual screening of excerpts from the acclaimed series “Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops,” followed by a panel discussion around what you can do to address climate change. Our panelists include Bill McKibben, renowned author and founder of Third Act, an organization that mobilizes older Americans to act on climate change; Nathaniel Stinnett, founder of Environmental Voter ProjectMaiyim Baron from Elders Climate Action, and Alice Qannik Glenn, a journalist who focuses on climate and the Arctic from an Alaskan Native perspective. Sabrina Shankman, climate reporter for The Boston Globe, will moderate. Our discussion will offer answers to the question: What can I do?

Action on climate change has never felt more urgent. While governments and local communities are taking steps to slow, adapt to, and even reverse climate change, individuals are hungry for information about actions they can take that will collectively build toward even more meaningful change.

For many older Americans, retirement and an empty nest provide more time to get involved. They also want to create a sustainable environment for their grandchildren and future generations. If you fall into this category – or hope it’s in your future! – please join us for ideas, examples, and tips for taking action on climate change every day!

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The climate crisis is now an emergency. At The Boston Globe we believe solutions must begin here, in our communities, state, and region. Our Globe journalism will shine light on obstacles to decisive action, illuminate paths toward solutions, and hold to account elected leaders responsible for guiding us to a better future.

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